At KAN Research Institute, we conduct research based on cells—the most fundamental unit of life. We aim to identify novel drug targets to prevent and cure diseases, especially nervous, oncological and inflammatory/immune diseases, by exploring their mechanisms and focusing on specific cell populations and their intercellular communications alongside molecular localization, a cause of various diseases.

We also focus on the establishment and application of core technologies for translational research which leads to high-quality clinical development, the making of high-quality biologics, and the realization of regenerative medicine. To improve the quality and the speed of our research, we are willing to collaborate with outside organizations and expand our network for acquiring interactive knowledge.

Searching for Novel Treatment Targets

We discover novel molecular targets by taking full advantage of our knowledge of integrative cell biology, with a deep understanding of homeostasis in each unit level of life—tissues, cells, proteins, and genes.

  • Synaptogenesis
  • Neuronal Differentiation and Development
  • Hunting for New Targets
  • Pancreatic Cancer

Translational Science

We strive to improve the success rate of clinical research by establishing and applying original and innovative approaches utilizing imaging, transgenic engineering and stem cell technologies, focusing on human biology and biomarker discovery.

  • Exploratory Pharmacology
  • Cell Imaging
  • Transgenic Engineering


We create high-quality antibody drugs using sophisticated technologies and to date have designed a new functional nucleic acid and established a drug delivery system (DDS), with the aim of developing the next generation of biologics.

  • Seed Biologics
  • Antibody Engineering
  • Next Generation Biologics

Regenerative Medicine

Based on our expertise in developmental biology, we focus on discovering novel seeds for cell therapy. We challenge to “cure” diseases through “scrum-based” collaboration with academia excellence.

  • Regenerative Medicine

Creation Strategy

A professional team of researchers, pharmacists and medical doctors who are knowledgeable about each process of drug discovery and how it drives creation strategies to deliver new remedies to patients based on state-of-the-art science.

  • Concept Creation Strategy・Product Creation Strategy