Research Policy

Knowledge-Action-Network for hhc Institute of Integrative Cell Biology for Medicine

“Being healthy” is a condition in which the vital functions of the mind and body work together in harmony. The collapse of this harmonization is the primary trigger of our “being sick” or having “disease.” Meanwhile, the “cell” is the minimum unit comprising vital activity in the body, with 60 trillion of them interacting with each other around the clock to keep us healthy. There is no doubt that modernized life science is accelerating our understanding of human health. Regardless of these advancements, however, it is essential to unveil the fundamental mechanisms that relate how cells communicate and cooperate to shape and maintain our health. The knowledge accumulated in such “cell-oriented” research is indispensable in the development of preventive and/or therapeutic measures for clinical medicine.

KAN Research Institute promotes biological research for life sciences with a major emphasis on the “cell” through what is called, “Integrative Cell Biology for Medicine,” by which we try to find clues for future medicine. For this purpose, we strive to advance our research capability by combining quantitative analyses of cell functions with technology that allows us to visualize the functions of living cells.

We also accelerate collaborative research with outside institutes, ingesting the latest knowledge and technologies and developing them into more realistic formats, through which we hope to contribute to the further progress of modern science. We maximize our advantages as an affiliate of the pharmaceutical industry leader Eisai to seamlessly translate our knowledge and discoveries into the practical development of pharmaceutical medicine.

We are dedicated to hhc via the integration of our KNOWLEDGE and realistic ACTION to create an active NETWORK of researchers. This is our “KAN” research philosophy as well as our ultimate mission.