Next Generation Biologics

Next Generation Biologics

Recent advances in technology have seen the development of many new types of biologics that have been particularly effective at targeting specific diseases, especially in regard to antibody-related drugs. One such development is the nucleic acid aptamer, which is currently believed to bring some potentially new advantages to this field. With the same target specificity as an antibody, it can also be chemically synthesized and shows lower immunogenicity. Our team is currently focused on the development of the nucleic acid aptamer as a next-generation biologic.

Discovery of new molecular targets and biomarkers are crucial to good drug discovery and development. Our team is focused on proteomics and joint-research with other drug discovery teams within the Institute.

We also provide these research materials to other drug discovery teams, performing thorough analyses on biological activity and biochemical properties before use. This is a reflection of our belief that the use of sound-quality materials closely correlates to greater success in the research involved.

Yoshimasa SAKAMOTO, Ph.D.mail
Principal Scientist